Shipping Groups & Shipping Fee Rules

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

When a customer places a GiftMojo order, shipping group is used to determine the shipping fee for the order.

In GiftMojo, we have a concept called shipping groups. A shipping group consists of a set of regions that your shop supports and a shipping fee rule that you define for that shipping group. When a customer places a GiftMojo order, shipping group is used to determine the shipping fee for the order.

Why do I need to define separate shipping rules for GiftMojo?

At the time of purchase, your customer (gift sender) doesn't put in the exact address to which the gift should be delivered. This is by design, as most gift senders don't know the precise address of their gift recipients. The exact shipping address is only filled in when the recipient claims the gift.

In order to ensure that the shipping cost is factored into the price during purchase, we use the concept of shipping groups. We ask the gift sender to put in a country/region of the recipient, and based on that information, we identify the correct shipping group. We then look at the shipping fee rule defined for that shipping group to determine the shipping fee for the product.

How are shipping fee rules defined?

A shipping fee rule consists of three factors

  1. Flat rate

  2. Weight factor

  3. Price factor

Based on these three factors, final shipping fee is determined using the following formula

Flat Rate + (Weight Factor x Item Weight in Grams) + (Price Factor x Price in your store's main currency)

For example, let's take an example of a product that's 30 USD and weights 150g. Let's say you define a shipping fee rate with the following factors:

  1. Flat Rate: 2 USD

  2. Weight Factor: 1% (0.01)

  3. Price Factor: 0.5% (0.005)

Then your shipping fee for that product as determined by the shipping fee rate above will be

2 + (150 * 0.01) + (30*0.05) = 2 + 1.5 + 1.5 = 5 USD

How is shipping fee applied?

The final price that gets invoiced to the customer is the sum of shipping fee and the product price.

What is a default shipping group?

Each account has one default shipping group. When you initialize your GiftMojo settings, you'll notice that all countries and regions that your store supports are included in the default shipping group. If you create new shipping groups and add regions into the newly created shipping group, then those regions will be automatically removed from the default shipping group. Similarly, if you remove any regions from non-default shipping groups, they'll be automatically added to the default shipping group.

What happens when gift sender inputs a wrong shipping region?

We ask the gift sender to put in the country/region of the recipient at the time of filling in the order form. We use this information to determine the correct shipping group, based on which the shipping fee is calculated. If the gift sender inputs a wrong country/region of the recipient, it won't be a problem as long as the correct country/region of the receiver is present within the same shipping group. When the recipient tries to claim the gift, he/she will have the option to choose from a list of country/region that belongs to the same shipping group.

If the correct country/region of the recipient is not in the same shipping group, recipient will have to fill in a form, and we'll direct those cases to you for handling. You can handle those cases the way you see fit (e.g. re-calculating the shipping price and charging/refunding the difference to the gift sender)

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