Boost Sales by Enabling Easy
Gift Purchases

Let your customers purchase products on your shop as gifts for others. All they need is the receiver's email address - we take care of the rest.

Unlock a new customer segment of gift givers

Holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries keep gift givers busy all year round. With the added restrictions of the pandemic, gifters all around the world are seeking for ways to give gifts online. With GiftMojo, watch your shop become the go-to store where the new army of online gifters come to shop for their loved ones.


Hassle-free Gift Giving 

No need to fill in the receiver's home address. No need to know the receiver's size. With GiftMojo, all your customers need to gift a product on your store is the receiver's email address. We coordinate everything else.


Personalized Gift Giving

Gift-giving, even when virtual, should remain a special experience that connects us to our loved ones. GiftMojo allows gifters to send personalized messages with their gifts and allows receivers to send thank-you notes.

Effortless Gift Order Management


As a merchant, how do you ensure that the gift is delivered to the correct address? That the status updates are delivered to the correct emails? How do you track if the receiver has claimed the gift?

Leave it all to GiftMojo. Our automation puts all your gift orders in order.


Supercharge your store's growth with the perfect gifting experience


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